Mr. Potatoskin Sandwich, Cer TeKFC's Double Down may have pioneered the the chicken-patties-as-buns movement, but another sandwich has jumped on the breadless bandwagon, while still providing us with the carbohydrate bloat we've grown accustomed to. Presenting the Mr. Potatoskin sandwich.

Midtown Manhattan's Cer Té restaurant introduced Mr. Potatoskin -- fried chicken breasts slathered with BBQ sauce, cheese and bacon, stuffed between two potato skins and served with a side of sour cream and chives -- as their April sandwich of the month. If it does well, it'll remain on the menu.

After getting a taste of the sammy, Asylum reader Martin is hopeful it becomes a permanent menu fixture. "The chicken was plentiful, and crucially, the potato was scooped out, which helped to minimize the ingredients spilling out the side," he says. "Without the scoop-out, the ratio of potato to sandwich innards would have been way off. I feel like they really considered the details of the sandwich."

The sandwich costs $8.95, which is about three bucks more than the Double Down, but it's twice the size and quadruple the starch. So Colonel Sanders? You may as well fold your hand, because Mr. Potatoskin just took this round.