Aside from their reddish fur, the distinguishing characteristic of orangutans are their extra-long arms, a trait which makes the great ape an ideal boxer.

This hasn't been lost on the proprietors of Thailand theme park Safari World, who have been pitting orangutan vs. orangutan in mock kickboxing matches.

Needless to say, animal-rights organizations are not pleased. Safari World claims that the 250-lb. mammals are just play fighting, and aren't taught to lay heavy blows on each other. But it is that very training which rankles the activists: They say violence and cruelty is used to force the apes to perform.

Ultimately how you feel about this odd spectacle might depend on how you feel about bikini-clad orangutan ring girls. They kind of creep us out, but we'll let you be the judge.

Read on for more photos and video of apes kickboxing and wearing bathing suits.

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