The Duke Blue Devils won the national championship last week, and starting shooting guard Jon Scheyer was a huge part of their win. The senior dropped 15 points on the way to victory.

The day after the game, he took to his Twitter page and posted what appeared to be his phone number, with the message "Hollerrrr at me."

Of course, we called the number. We couldn't get through, but it soon came out that it was actually the number of his high-school basketball teammate and friend Zach Kelly.

We went through his school, Washington University in St. Louis, and their assistant basketball coach got Zach on the line so we could ask him about the ensuing barrage of texts and phone calls.

The high-school teammates are apparently still close. "Jon and I are good friends, and he's a prankster pulling stuff all the time," Kelly said.

Zach and some of his friends were hanging out at a hotel when his phone starting to ring. "From that point on my phone was just inundated with calls and texts from people that I guess follow him on Twitter," Kelly said. "It was anyone from die-hard fans, to people saying congratulations and some University of Maryland fans."
People really despise those Duke Blue Devils sometimes. Did anyone go overboard?

"There was some vulgar stuff, but nothing too crazy," Kelly explained. "People being idiots and thought it was funny to take advantage of it. Regular fan stuff. It was just really annoying for me. For my friends it was funny, but for me it was annoying since I couldn't use my phone for a while since it was so backed up."

Zach escaped the Scheyer prank unscathed except for a few days with no phone. Ah, Twitter -- inventing new ways to make your friends' lives miserable every day.