The observation that Fox News uses sex to sell its programming, often while wagging a finger in outrage at the footage they're showing over and over, is nothing new.

So we were pretty sure we weren't just imagining things -- or letting our weakness for Megyn Kelly get the best of us -- when we found ourselves strangely titillated by this "Kelly's Court" segment on sex-slave allegations against Steven Seagal.

Sure, maybe it's just that the panel is made up of three very attractive blond women, but the Fox News cameraman seems to have had his head in the same place we did.

Check out the video after the jump.

The story itself is bizarre, although perhaps not by Steven Seagal's standards. The action star and New Orleans sheriff's deputy (really) is being sued by a woman who claims her personal-assistant job interview turned into five days of attempted sex slavery. Seagal's attorneys, by the way, attempted a nifty legal maneuver in which they challenged her right to make the accusation based on a non-disclosure agreement she had signed.

Kelly and company take the accuser to task by reading the complaint aloud, and just when we started to think we were just looking for something to complain about (well, we're not really complaining), at about the 2:50 mark the Fox News cameraman pulled back to a full length shot of Megyn reading the explicit details of the report.

You never see that shot of Chuck Todd, will you?