CarstacheEven if you can't grow a reasonable 'stache yourself, you can be the envy of the parking lot with a Carstache. That's right, it's a mustache for your car. The stache is 34 inches long, but weighs only 1 pound -- so you might want to remove it to avoid drag during street racing. (Or maybe add it on right before the race starts to intimidate your enemies.)

Choose any of the following awesome colors: "Wisdom Gray," black, pink, blond and the inappropriately orange "Firestache." If that picture isn't enough to convince you of their absolute awesomeness, know that Khloe Kardashian loves Carstache -- as do many other celebrities who will likely not last as long as the company responsible for this new car-grill trend.

It'll cost you only $39 for the hottest wheels in the drive-thru.