They say a star is born every day on YouTube. And in that brief time millions of people laugh, cry and make silly emoticons about that one lucky person.

Today's pick is Australian man Ray Graham, now dubbed "Psycho Dog Man." Ray got a little feral on camera, doing his best canine impersonation while discussing his run-in with neighborhood dogs.

Leave it to the Internet to immediately drop what it was doing and churn out numerous videos spoofing his outburst.

Here's a roundup of the best.

First, a clip of the original news story that started the phenomenon of the Psycho Dog Man.

Psycho Dog Man Helps Jump-Start the Baha Men's Career

Psycho Dog Man Gets Remixed, Spartan-Style

Psycho Dog Man Barks for a Minute

Psycho Dog Man Stands in for Cujo

Psycho Dog Man, Foofftstarr Remix