Darth Vader dollarHave you ever fantasized about handing over a dollar bill with Darth Vader's face on it at your local convenience store? If your answer is no, it's probably because you were oblivious to the fact that such a wonderful thing could be a reality.

Turns out there's some sort of loophole when it comes to defacing U.S. currency that allows you to replace all those dead presidents' faces with a mug that's a bit more modern. And, according to a revision passed in 1967 by the United States Treasury, so long as you can remove the decal without defacing the actual bill, it's 100% legal.

The best part about this altered dinero is that it's authentic money. In other words, you can use it anywhere cash is accepted.

Take a look at some of our favorite examples of legal tender that could be currently in circulation.

Li'l John Dollar