Think of how gross you feel when you find a hair in your food. Now imagine being filmed eating a bloody, furry carcass again and again and again.

While promoting his upcoming show, "Fan vs Wild," Bear sat down with Asylum to talk about the grossest things he's ever eaten.

"I had a director vomit the other day," he said. "It's taken me 55 shows, but I finally did it. I lit a fire and all the bugs were attracted to it: crickets and grasshoppers and praying mantises, everything. And I would just grab them and shove them in an empty water bottle so by morning I had a half water bottle full of these things

"So I thought I better eat these. So I get them out and literally crush them in my hand into like a burger patty. So it tasted terrible, it's oozing this yellow sap and gunk, but it was a mass of energy. So I turn around and he (the director) is behind a tree throwing up. I actually consider it quite an achievement."

And yet, this bug burger did not even make it into the top five grossest things Bear has ever eaten. See what did.

Raw Goat's Testicles
Frozen Yak Eyeballs

Raw Camel Intestines

Live Snakes

Bear Poop