Chicken farming in NYCA rapidly growing trend in the city has us torn between our love of poached fresh eggs and our annoyance over crowing 5 a.m. wake-up calls: Chicken farming in NYC is taking off in a big way.

Of course, in this town when there are enthusiasts for something, there's also an online social network to support said enthusiasts, hence the NYC Friendly Furries Meet, or, in this case, City Chicken Meetup NYC. The group hosts bike tours of chicken-friendly areas and helps people answer questions ranging from "How do I get this darned egg out of my chicken?" to "Help! Raccoons!" Apparently once you invite chickens into your life you grow one step closer to living in a Ma and Pa Kettle movie.

Another issue the group helps solve is one of dealing with chicks who are soon to be roosters, since they are illegal and also, as mentioned, incredibly annoying. We'd rather live next to one of those hip, urban beekeepers, and we've got a whole Macaulay Culkin / "My Girl" fear going up in here.