Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.

Resetting your password isn't going to make you any safer from identity thieves.

According to a study by Microsoft researcher Cormac Herley, constantly changing your password isn't worth the effort. Herley says that the chances that a cyber-thief who has gotten a hold of your sign-in sequences waits to use the information until after you are prompted to change your password is about as likely as a common thief stealing your house keys and not using them until after you happen to change your locks.

Using a cost-benefit analysis based on the average worker's productivity, Herley further suggests that the time wasted dealing with most other security features websites push on their patrons -- besides passwords -- also isn't worth it for Internet users.

We've found, however, that having to stay on top of an ever-shifting password landscape has prevented us from engaging in drunken Web activity we'd surely later regret.