Last week, New Orleans Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey, announced that he was giving away a night on the town to one lucky lass through his Facebook fan page, a contest which many speculated would inspire a virtual skank parade.

So you can imagine our surprise when we found a real nice lady -- Miss Liberty, aka Miss Football (or "Miss Everything," as her voicemail will tell you) -- among those commenting on Shockey's Facebook page..

The model-otherwise-known-as Sondra Fortunato was last seen avoiding the door hitting her in the ass on the way out of Giants Stadium in 2008. However, she hasn't let complaints about her "dressing too provocatively" at games stop her from her dreams of landing a date with Shockey.

We caught up with the woman whose infectious enthusiasm for the Jets is probably what gave them such momentum in '09 for an exclusive talk about her latest obsession and her career as a professional sports fanatic.

"First of all, I think I would be a great, big cougar for him," Fortunato says of her designs on Shockey. "I think it would be very different. Besides, who else would go from New Jersey to Miami for the Super Bowl with a "Shock Me" sign on my chest? And that was in The Miami Herald. I'm also friends with many of the Saints players and their families."

She explains that they both have long, blond hair and that she could be a "big-sister figure" for him. "And besides," she adds, every time I wear the 'Shock Me' sign, I get in major newspapers and magazines, like Sports Illustrated, so it's great press for him."

That part is certainly true -- Fortunato makes her living as a representative of the teams, a one-woman booster club -- at various events all over the country. And while she's a vocal New York football fan, she may still be bitter at her hometown teams for a famous incident in 2008, in which Fortunato was forcibly removed from Giants Stadium, reportedly for unauthorized possession of ... big boobs.

"They really blew it up more than it was," she scoffs. "I wore this Bad Santa suit, and this lady said I was obstructing her view. You know, I'm kind of large on top and, this lady, I guess she couldn't see or something, but they said that the complaint was about me having a whole lot of signs. The security guard said, 'Look, I know you're known for your top half, so you might have to wear a turtleneck sweater.' So, I said, that's fine, but then when I wore the turtleneck, I got even more publicity because I look even larger on top."

It seems she just can't win. But let's hope she turns it all around to best the other competitors in the Shockey showdown.