Civet CoffeeWe've come full circle when the beverage that makes you poop is actually found in a big steaming pile of it.

According to The New York Times, some of the most expensive coffee beans in the world are picked out of turds. Specifically, those from the civet, an Asian cat that feasts on only the best coffee cherries, the seeds of which are fermented in the animal's digestive tract and deposited on the other end for some lucky bean-picker to rifle through.

Because cat-crap coffee doesn't sound like something you'd want to dunk your donut in, the brew is often referred to as "kopi luwak" or "kalinga alamid" and can be found in fancy gourmet coffee shops -- or stuck to the bottom of your shoe if you're hiking through the Indonesian mountains. In New York, you can buy a pound of the beans for $340 at Porto Rico Importing Co.

Kate Reilly, the store's retail general manager, says they sell about two pounds a week, give or take, but more during the holidays. "The people who buy it are either curious, coffee aficionados, or just plain snarky," she says. "One guy bought an eighth of a pound during the holidays, and when I asked why, he told me that he wanted to give his boss shit for Christmas."

Coffee geek and Asylum managing editor Gordon Hurd was brave enough to sample a cup. "It's smooth coffee. It's got chocolate tones and no bite," he says. "I'd drink it for special occasions, but not as a daily pick-me-up."

Want to try it yourself? Order your scat cat beans at Porto Rico, and they'll roast it to your desired level of darkness.