So you met an interesting new woman and even conjured up the courage to ask her out.

Congratulations, but your work is far from complete. Much has changed in male/female relations over the last couple generations, but most likely, the onus is still going to be on you to figure out where your first date will take place.

What you choose is not only going to signal something about yourself -- it's going to have a lot do with whether the date is a success.

We want to know what you think is the best place to make a good first-date impression? Read on for the pros and cons of a host of different locations.

What's the best venue for a first date?
Coffee shop4336 (28.5%)
Restaurant (dinner)3446 (22.6%)
Movie / concert / show2207 (14.5%)
A walk2480 (16.3%)
A bar (drinks)1724 (11.3%)
Something more creative -- tell us about it in the comments1025 (6.7%)

Coffee Shop
Pro: According to, this is easily the number one destination for first dates. One thing's for sure: Even if you are chain-drinking ventis, it's going to be a relatively inexpensive outing.

Con: Yeah, we get the whole point that it's a low stakes way to see if you have any chemistry. But come on. Booorrring. The only thing interesting that's ever going to happen at a coffee shop involves someone getting scalded.

Pro: It's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a date. Spending a couple hours eating with someone -- watching them go through the rituals of masticating -- is definitely a good way to learn about them.

Con: It can be a very expensive date. Awkwardly so, if it's obvious there's nothing there. Also, your table manners could come into play, which isn't so good for everybody.


Pro: Just picking out such an event accentuates what you have in common and could foster a sense of togetherness. When it's over (or before the band goes on), it will also give you something to talk about.

Con: Sure, this route is usually reinforced by dinner and/or drinks either before or after the show. But such a long, intense break from any focus on each other comes with the risk of sucking any connection out of the evening.


Pro: Often recommended by dating experts, it's a pretty good idea to just go for a walk. Chances are that you will eventually stop strolling and find somewhere to continue the date while seated.

Con: You probably have to live in a city to make this work well. Walking around a mall just doesn't (and shouldn't) cut it.

Pro: Like with the popular coffee-shop option, if you meet in a bar, a convenient (or inconvenient) liquid egg timer gives each party a running series of outs. Unlike with a coffee shop, however, in a bar, you can be a little boisterous and make snide remarks about everybody around you -- which is often a good ice breaker on a first date.

Con: You might be able to handle your alcohol, but you have no idea if somebody you barely know can handle hers.