Boerum Hill is a prostitute hotspotNow, we aren't advocating or condoning illegal activities, but if you were (hypothetically) living in Brooklyn and in dire need of a (hypothetical) prostitute, we totally know where to find them. Thanks, Brooklyn Paper!

Apparently the corner of Butler and Nevins in Boerum Hill is a "roach motel for would-be johns," and the cops busted five more of them in their monthly "Operation Losing Proposition" sting. In case you were curious about the going rate, there really doesn't seem to be one: Two dudes showed up together and offered $60 for sex; two more guys offered $20 for the same (although separately); and one sweetheart came bearing $30, a bouquet of flowers, and a request for a BJ. Yes, flowers.

And that is why you should never get drunk and watch "Pretty Woman" alone -- because that piece of ass you end up paying for won't look like Julia Roberts and is also, apparently, sometimes a cop.