Adele Sammarco BoobsFormer NY1 reporter Adele Sammarco, who's suing the New York news network for sexual harassment (form of: inappropriate jokes and poorly drawn gigan-t*ts portrait at left), may have been in on the joke, after all.

During the trial yesterday, one of her former co-workers testified that she had a "raunchy sense of humor" and loooved talking about her jugs, once asking, "Doesn't this bra make my boobs look bigger?" The NY Post even has video of Sammarco tittering at the chest drawing.

No offense to Adele, but her rack isn't that spectacular. When it comes to local news, there are plenty of other reporters we'd rather motorboat. Not that we condone sexual harassment, of course, but it doesn't count when you ogle them through the TV screen.

Keep reading to check out the best newscaster cleavage of New York City.

Jill Nicolini, WPIX traffic reporter:
Jill Nicolini

Darlene Rodriguez
, WNBC anchor:
Darlene Rodriguez

Lisa Murphy, WNYW Fox Business Reporter:
Lisa Murphy

Christina Park, WNYW Fox anchor:
Christina Park

Emily Frances, WPIX entertainment anchor:
Emily Frances

Allison Kaden, WPIX reporter:
Allison Kaden