Gator Witness KOAT Amara HeisingWe're not marketing experts, but the traumatic deaths of small mammals probably isn't the best way to attract new customers to your business. But who knows, maybe you can sell furniture based on how many bunnies a gator will eat.

In Los Lunas, N.M., a furniture store decided the best way to get people excited about no-credit-check-needed rentals was to toss some live animals to a pit full of gators every so often.

Thoughtfully, management warned folks before they tossed the mice and rabbits to their ends, so folks could turn away if they'd rather not sacrifice their children's innocence on the altar of affordable sofa beds.

The store admits that there were gators, and that they were fed live animals, though they insist it was only mice and not rabbits ... and that everyone was told ahead of time when the feeding would occur. Customers say the gators were next to a child's play area.

We say show us the video, Internet! And the Supreme Court agrees.