Oh, the wonders of the Internet. A couple weeks ago we were bumping about the World Wide Web when we came across a compelling post on filmmaker James Gunn's blog.

In it, Gunn chronicles the uncanny ability of his girlfriend, Mia Matsumiya, to fit herself into tiny places, such as suitcases and newspaper vending machines.

Intrigued, we Googled Mia and found out that not only is she the violinist for Kayo Dot, an avant-garde rock band whose latest album, "Coyote," dropped yesterday, but she's kind of a babe.

So of course we had to talk to her.

Read on to find out how the 4-foot-9-inch musician came to embrace her unusual stature, and check out some pictures of the diminutive beauty being bendable.

Greatly aiding Mia's amazing contortionist skills is that, at 4-foot-9, she is a legal dwarf. This is a quirk she revels in now, but that she wasn't always so comfortable with.

"I used to be teased and bullied all the time for my height when I was a kid, and felt really self-conscious about it," Matsumiya tells Asylum. "But I also noticed that I'd always be able to find the best hiding places during hide-and-seek, like inside suitcases and desk drawers and stuff."

"Then came the day that changed both my own perception of my size, as well as everyone else's," continues Matsumiya.

"In middle school -- which is pretty much the height of children's bullying -- I used to love climbing into the band lockers for my own personal amusement and pride," she says. "They were these teensy, tiny lockers meant for musical instruments, but I fit perfectly inside them! I used to do it in secret, but one day, this kid caught me crawling inside.

"He thought it was awesome! That was great because I had thought so, too, but I just didn't know that others would also think that way.

"Soon, the word spread about my ability to squish myself inside the band lockers, and my classmates were completely amazed. Suddenly, it actually delighted people that I was so small. They loved it just as much as I did, if not more."

Now, as an adult, Mia finds that her stature aids her in two of her favorite hobbies: exploring abandoned buildings and infiltrating cults.

"There have been a boatload of occasions where I've been able to gain access to an abandoned building because of my size," she tells us.

"I can really easily slip in between, say, a loosened chain-lock door," she continues. "I can climb into tiny tunnels to see if there's anything interesting hiding inside there, like a giant stash of money from the 1920s or a colony of undiscovered flying mammals."

"Not that either have ever happened or anything," she confesses. "Yet, that is."

As for the cults: "Recently, my boyfriend and I took part in this seminar of a well-known UFO cult and weirdly enough, the cult leader actually ended up falling in love with me!

"He told that I looked exactly like the extraterrestrials (called the Elohim) who created us human beings and had appointed him as prophet. Apparently, our alien creators look exactly like 4-foot-9-inch Japanese people.

"His shockingly ineffective pickup line was 'I feel like I'm looking right into the eyes of an Elohim!' That's when I really should have busted out with, 'I am an Elohim!' and taken over his cult as their new leader, since I guess the extraterrestrials are at the top of the hierarchy of this cult.

"But somehow it didn't cross my mind. Still kicking myself for that!"

James Gunn has also found that having a petite girlfriend presents certain opportunities.

"Recently, Mia and I were going to some underground caves in San Diego," Gunn tells Asylum.

"The cost was four bucks for adults and two bucks for children under 16. The dude looked at us and said, 'OK, one child and one adult -- that will be six dollars.' I said, 'Um, no, actually she's an adult.'

"He looked at her quizzically, not totally believing us, and then said OK. That means he thought Mia was 15 years old or younger!

"I'm not sure if I told him the truth because I'm an honest person or because I didn't want him to think I was a pedophile when I made out with her in the caves.

"But, in the end, I think it's apparent that Mia's tininess should only be used as a force of good. Like for my amusement."

"There are a lot of great things about [being 4-foot-9] besides just the sheer entertainment value it can provide," counters Mia.

"I think in general, smaller is more feminine," she says. "Also, I can easily weave through large crowds. I get to be up front a lot at concerts because the taller people are usually nice enough to let me stand in front of them.

"Lastly, I'm thankful that my height has given me a really unique perspective on the world -- especially since at my height my world consists of jungles of various-colored nose hairs and people's creepy crotches."

You can (and totally should) follow Mia -- whose other interests include medical curiosities and strange foods -- on Twitter.

Also, check out the sounds of Kayo Dot on their MySpace page.