YOLO cruise lineIf you invested money with McGinn, Smith & Co., lucky you: Your returns are about to set sail on a sex-themed luxury cruise!

Yesterday the SEC accused the New York brokerage firm of what might be the sexiest Ponzi scheme since the Great Panty Exchange of 2004.

Some of the company's $136 million in misused funds were put toward procuring strippers for You Only Live Once (YOLO) Cruises, a ship for swingers that features sexually explicit games and parties, bonking playrooms, and a whole lot of nudity.

According to complaint, investors were not aware that their cash was used for "YOLO Cruises, that the affinity group was sexually oriented, that strippers and go-go dancers would be procured to entertain passengers, that investor money would be used to buy insurance for these individuals."

The charge also claims that Timothy McGinn, firm co-owner and the dirty old coot who apparently doesn't mind naked people hanging around the lido deck buffet, is "romantically involved" with the woman who runs YOLO. So basically, he's nailing the Julie McCoy of the ship.

The next YOLO cruise,"Carnival Imagination," sets sail on October 29 from Miami. Reserve your room now and maybe you, too, will get lucky at sea. And/or lose all your investments. Bon voyage!