AccuWeather would like you to know it has hot chicks, too.

Just because everyone watches the Weather Channel or surfs YouTube for sexy pics of blabbering models disguised as Mexican meteorologists doesn't mean AW can't acquire top talent in the field. Are they as hot as their competitors? Does former weathergirl Sarah Palin remotely compare to Tina Fey in any shape or form? No. But is there something here for everyone? You betcha.

Keep reading for the six sensational storm-front sex kittens from, uh,

Jacqueline Noto It's tough to locate Ms. Noto these days. The Weather Detective has been off our radar and almost completely absent from YouTube since we first mentioned her on Asylum. If anyone locates her, will you please send her our way? No, seriously, just send her to our house. We have wine and stinky cheese with her name on it.

Kate Bilo. Bad news: Kate Bilo is off the market, boys. Good news: Her boyfriend popped the question in the most spectacular way imaginable -- well, short of having the president of the United States say, "Live from New York, it's Brian Fairbanks popping the question to Eva Mendes" at the opening of "SNL." Oh, and Bilo said yes, by the way.

Katie Fehlinger. Here's one we've never seen before: the Internet getting all excited about a woman's "posture." And before you ask, no, she is not wearing a low-cut top and leaning over when they say that.

Kate Battle. It's interesting to note the completely incomprehensible YouTube comment on this video about whether or not (I think) female meteorologists are objectified by AccuWeather. We're sorry if they feel that way based on this list, but it should be noted that we think they're super-intelligent. And hot.

Katrina Voss
. At long last, the forecast calls for ... sexy pictures. Ms. Voss, a Fox contributor in the past, likes to take her clothes off or just generally look smokin' hot on her official website. Because we know how hard it is to simply Google "Katrina Voss" and find the pics for yourself, we'll just link directly to the eyeball-busting goodness here. Again, before you call us out for our ogling, we should point out that we are majorly impressed that she writes essays for fancy-pants science and weather publications we've never heard of.

Nikki Stanzione. Why does Nikki Stanzione look like an extra from the nail salon scene in "Goodfellas," talk 27 miles a minute, and recommend that we actually sit through that tripe known as "Alfie"? Because it was New Year's Day and she was probably still up from the night before.