As known supporters of "plus-size" models, we were pretty excited to hear that Lane Bryant had hired the extremely sexy Ashley Graham for a series of lingerie commercials to air on a show we never watch called "Dancing With the Has-Beens."

Of course, this being American network television, the ad has subsequently been banned by both ABC and Fox for excessive cleavage.

At least that's the explanation on the Lane Bryant blog, which seems not-so-secretly thrilled at all the free publicity from the ad controversy. But they're more helpful than an ABC spokesperson who had no comment on the matter.

Our guess, based on no evidence whatsoever, is that the Victoria's Secret–like ad offended snooty macho executives who think curvy models are going to scare off viewers. (Note to executives: commercials themselves scare off viewers; that's why we have DVR.)

Keep reading to see the ad that Fox thought needed "excessive re-edits" and we think needs "to be a little bit longer."