This week, Masterclash deals with the topic of body modification. Tattoos, piercing and other forms of altering the natural human form have become increasingly popular, but there are some people out there, including Asylum readers, who cannot quite grasp what those who treat their flesh as a blank canvas are thinking.

To help us better understand the culture of body mod, we've enlisted some knowledgeable reinforcements. Among them is Asylum's resident female, Emily McCombs, who brought along her tattoo artist, Virginia Elwood. Our featured expert is Erik Sprague, better known as "The Lizardman," whose has put his body through more than 700 hours of inking, had Teflon horns placed above his eyes and bifurcated his tongue.

This is a big subject, so this episode is super-sized. So join us for part one of our examination of body modification, as we try to wrap our minds around marriage, guess the price of wedding rings and more, in Masterclash.

Lizard Man Masterclash

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