Apparently, patrons of JFK aren't the only ones taking it from behind. Yesterday, NYC's Health Department issued a press release stating that more than 100,000 women engage in anal sex, and a bunch of 'em are doing it without protection.

Only 23 percent of women use condoms when they have butt hanky-panky, compared to 61 percent of gay men.

"Many people are aware of the risk of HIV when men have sex with other men, but a large number of women also are putting themselves at high risk," said Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley. "For both men and women, the overall message is clear: Never engage in unprotected anal sex."

Just strap on a rubber. If there's one thing that tushies hate, it's a sexually transmitted infection. After all, the city has made tail trappings awfully accessible. Condoms are available all over town, and cigar stores even sell toilet paper. What else does your filthy ass need?