If you're not aware of The Most Awesomest Thing Ever, it's a website that chronicles the most awesomest things ever. Who saw that coming?

Basically, the site will pit one awesome thing against another awesome thing, and then you choose which is more awesome. The results are tallied and winners become more awesome while losers become less awesome. It's exactly like life. With all that in mind, let's take a look at what the site and its users have dubbed the 10 most awesomest things ever (as of today).

10. Lightning
This one's totally justified as lightning has scientifically been proven to be nature's actual, physical manifestation of kick-ass-ery.

9. Physical Intimacy
It's hard to say if this just means sex or also encompasses things like holding hands and riding tandem bikes. In any event, doesn't it seem like it should be higher on the list?

8. Lightsaber (real)
The last entry seems even sadder with this one ahead of it. Yeah, lightsabers are cool, but since when are they real and awesomer than sex?

7. Technology
Technology has given us the internet, Ginsu knives and the iPad. Two outta three ain't bad.

6. Lasers
Even though we can't shoot them for fun and profit yet, it's true that a laser is pretty awesome.

5. A nap Not being able to siesta has probably caused more rage-related incidents in the world than you can shake a stick at, which confirms that naps are both awesome and essential.

4. Music
This is a mixed bag. In general, the world would be far more drab with no music whatsoever; but, on the other hand, there's Nickelback.

3. Oxygen You know what's sweet? Breathing.

2 . Life In a tight race with oxygen, which allows life to keep happening, is life itself. And not just human life, but things like monkeys and pistol shrimp.

1. Internet
Arguably this means people value the Internet above life. Some people on the Internet also seem to have no life (we're looking at you, "Warcraft" addicts), so maybe this makes sense.

While we agree with many items on this list, we can't help but notice a glaring lack of such things as coffee, pizza, "The Wire" and boobs. What do you think is missing from the list?