Navigeaters whole lamb's head at Uncle George's Greek Tavern in AstoriaSometimes a lamb chop just ain't gonna cut it. For those who crave sheep meat above the rib cage, you can order an entire lamb's head at Uncle George's Greek Tavern in Astoria.

The delicacy isn't on the menu, but it's available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays for $7.50, which is a steal when you consider what you're getting: one brain, two eyeballs, a tongue and plenty of cheek and jaw meat.

The skull is spit-roasted and comes quartered for easy access to the innards. Although we prefer our lamb in gyro form, we sampled every part of the dome's anatomy.

Keep reading for the full lamb's head review (and one eyeball close-up).

Navigeaters eat lamb's eyeball at Uncle George'sThe tongue and the cheeks, while overly gamey, were the most palatable of the noggin. And the eyeball (left) had a similar flavor but came with a rubbery-on-the-outside, squishy-on-the-inside texture that made us wish we had left it in the socket.

Last and appetizingly least was the brain, which had a mousse-like consistency but weirdly tasted like tomalley, the green, mushy lobster liver found in the tail end of the crustacean.

Of course, there are some weirdos who love tomalley (despite its toxic qualities), so instead of sucking on a lobster's butt and risking paralytic shellfish poisoning, maybe they should just slurp out a lamb's cranium instead. They'll get all the flavor without any of that annoying facial paralysis.