Olivia MunnAfter seeing Olivia Munn prank Asylum intern Kyle Moffatt, readers were more than ready to sign on to fetch coffee, make copies and assure that the flasks we keep in our desks are always full of sweet, sweet gin.

Red is more than willing to be pranked, writing, "Totally worth it to have Olivia Munn sit on your lap. FYI Asylum, my wife is a huge fan of Zoe Saldana, so ... you know ..."

Going Like Sixty praised Olivia's awesome attitude and sense of humor: "Well, now she's just cooler than ever. How nice!"

Geeks Are Sexy added, "That was EPIC beyond words. Kudos to Kyle for handling the situation rather well though."

Of course, there were some haters. The awesomely-named DorXtar questioned Munn's geek cred, writing, "I'll believe she's into nerds when she marries one."

Today's your lucky day, DorXTar, because we can report exclusively that Munn is engaged to none other than geek gal extraordinaire Felicia Day.* What do you think now?

[* Editor's note: Olivia Munn is not engaged to Felicia Day. This is yet another prank. We hope that this salacious -- and untrue -- gossip will not inspire any creepy fan fiction.]