Required listening from the week in music.

Courtney LoveWhat if Courtney Love made a Hole record, and no one else in Hole showed up? It might sound a lot like a Courtney Love solo album, which is pretty much what "Nobody's Daughter" is: all Courtney, all the time, trading off Hole's good name. OK, it's actually not terrible. In fact, at times, it transports you back to the days of Crystal Pepsi and actual music videos on MTV. Has Love (who wants to be known as Courtney Michelle now) finally become the girl with the most cake? If, by cake, you mean "batsh**-crazy baggage," then yes.

Also in stores:
-- Comedian Brian Posehn ("The Sarah Silverman Program") riffs on heavy metal, his violent attraction to Kate Beckinsale and, uh, wangs and bodily functions in the appropriately titled stand-up album "Fart & Weiner Jokes."
-- Punk, ska, gypsy and klezmer music collide on Gogol Bordello's "Trans-Continental Hustle," the perfect soundtrack to the weird European movie that's always going through our head.