When she's not pranking nattily-attired Asylum interns, "Attack of the Show" host Olivia Munn is concerned about the plight of the circus elephant.

Apparently, Earth's largest land mammal is mistreated under the big top, and a nude Munn has joined forces with PETA to bring attention to these coerced performers and to call for a boycott of the circus.

So, what if this ad campaign does the trick, and Munn's exposed skin takes down Ringling Bros.? Well, for one thing, there would suddenly be a lot of out-of-work clowns.

A first, this seems like a good thing, as nobody is more deserving of unemployment than creepy, big-footed face painters. However, wouldn't out-of-work clowns start wandering the streets, looking for innocent victims to "entertain"?


OK, we never thought we'd say this, but: "Olivia, you need to put your clothes back on, and step away from the PETA poster."