Clickfree Traveler hard drive Hard-drive storage just keeps getting cheaper. So, we'd like to provide you with a nudge to back up your data.

And now, you can get a portable backup solution that's the size of a credit card -- which is especially handy if you're the type of terribly paranoid person who insists on mailing a backup across the country. (Because, please, what are the odds that natural disaster will hit two places at the same time? Just don't send the files to Chile or Iceland.)

The Clickfree Traveler holds 16 GB of data in a solid-state external drive and comes fit with a slide-out USB connector. It's got a smart setup: The first backup copies everything in a directory; the next backup will only add those items that are new or modified.

The standard Traveler costs $70, but there is a 32 GB version available for $130 or a 64 GB Traveler for $220.