Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.

33 percent of pet-owning married women believe their furry friends are better listeners than their husbands.

Believing your pet has an attentive ear isn't just a female thing. According to a survey of pet owners by the Associated Press and Petside.com, 24 percent of husbands think their pets are better listeners than their wives. In fact, 8 percent of pet owners claim they first turn to their pets when they have an important personal problem to talk through.

When it comes to talking to your pet, the type of animal matters: 25 percent of dog owners rate their pets better listeners than their spouses, whereas only 14 percent of cat owners feel the same way.

This probably means that if your spouse were a mute who completely depended on you for food, he or she would probably be a pretty fantastic listener, too.