Commando Arnold SchwarzeneggerOur friends at FilmDrunk are reporting that a "Commando" remake is a go. The 1985 action classic starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as John Matrix, a retired special forces soldier who frees his kidnapped daughter from heavily armed thugs.

Despite the fact Schwarzenegger's political career is being more or less term-limited, Arnold will not be reprising his John Matrix role. Does this mean the Governator's days as an action star have effectively ended? It would seem that way.

Thus, it is time to reflect on the career of a man who, at least during the '80s, proved he had the versatility to play just about any kind of badass out there -- so long as that badass didn't have to deliver any extended monologues.

But which classic Arnold character was most impressive in all of its catchphrase-laden and 'roid-raged glory?

In What Role Did Arnold Kick the Most Ass?
"Commando" -- retired special forces badass276 (15.1%)
"Predator" -- active special forces badass566 (31.0%)
"The Terminator" -- heartless cyborg badass 555 (30.4%)
"Running Man" -- everyman badass94 (5.2%)
"Conan" movies -- fictional barbarian badass225 (12.3%)
Governor of California -- statehouse badass107 (5.9%)