Everyone wants to be famous. But what if you aren't? And never will be? Then what?

Well, the next best thing, obviously, would be if you resembled someone who actually is famous. And got paid for it.

But just like in Hollywood, there is a pecking order among celebrity impersonators. Some faux entertainers clearly deserve to be on the A-list. Others -- like ol' Mimi to the left, here -- live their lives, for better or worse, on the Z-list.

Read on for more about Mimi and 10 other entirely pointless celebrity impersonators.

Mimi From "The Drew Carey Show"
Given that it's now 2010 and "The Drew Carey Show" has been off the air for six years, we don't see this impersonator of Drew's portly office foil getting much work -- especially on her own. Maybe she's a throw-in whenever someone hires this Drew Carey lookalike?

Andie MacDowell
"Hey! You know what our office party needs? Someone who kind of looks like that curly headed model from the L'Oreal ads!

"We could have her walk around, and when people ask, 'Who the hell are you?' she can say, 'I'm that curly-headed model from the L'Oreal ads.' Or we can just let them assume she's Lori from accounting."

Festus From "Gunsmoke"
This guy might be a dead ringer for the "Gunsmoke" character named Festus but we wouldn't really know, because we're under the age of 60. It would be amazing, though, if this fella showed up and was in old-timey black-and-white, like he is in his photo.

Siegfried -- Without Roy
A Siegfred impersonator without a Roy would be like, well, a Mimi impersonator without a Drew Carey. Who would ever, ever hire a Siegfred impersonator on his own? (Amazingly, a lot of people would.) Personally, we'd rather hire a white tiger impersonator.

Trinity From "The Matrix"
Where's Neo? Morpheus? Maybe this slick-looking impersonator used to be part of a troupe of "Matrix"-related lookalikes, but she decided to break out and see if she could make it on her own? While she definitely resembles Trinity, we're skeptical that something like that still has any value.
Fran Drescher
Is there really a lucrative market for impersonating stars of sitcoms that people barely remember -- and if they do remember, were really annoyed by?

Darlene From "Roseanne"
We're taking a huge stab in the dark here, but we bet that this is actually Sara Gilbert, the actress who played Darlene on "Roseanne." An agent who reps celebrity impersonators saw her at a bar, snapped her photo (check out the photobomber behind her!), and said, "Kid, I can make you a star ... impersonator!" And Gilbert, needing work, agreed. The rest is history.

Marcia Clark
Holy crap! What the heck is this?! And why would we want it at our party!?

Tom Kite
At first, we didn't completely remember who this guy was, so we Googled him. We were quickly reminded that he's an American professional golfer who spent 175 weeks in the top 10 of the Official World Golf Rankings between 1989 and 1994. He also won the U.S. Open in 1992. If you hire him for your party, just be sure to have leaflets on hand to explain who he is to your guests.

K.D. Lang
"Hey-hey! You hired a Harry Potter impersonator!"

"No, it's actually K.D. Lang."

[long pause] "Oh ... "

Sam Elliott
Well, the real Sam Elliott did star in "Road House," probably our favorite movie of all-time. So, imagine opening, say, a new car dealership and hiring this Sam Elliott impersonator to stand in the parking lot to meet and greet customers. We would call that scenario "heaven."