All men know motorcycles are badass. And Most men have a weakness for busty blondes in pigtails. This week brings you both.

You could choose the "Black Widow" steampunk chopper and cruise around town trying to impress women (and most likely succeed), or pick Shelley ... if you can keep your eyes off her cleavage long enough to click below.

Which would you rather have?
Shelley -- Smart, sexy, and sweet.11480 (54.9%)
Steampunk Chopper -- The closest thing to being Ghost Rider.9440 (45.1%)

Pro: Cos-played as Silk Spectre II from "Watchmen."
Con: Probably wouldn't dig it if you cos-played as Dr. Manhattan.
Pro: Keeps herself in shape by playing soccer. Come up with your own pun on the words "balls" and "heading."
Con: Not into doing laundry or eating fast food on a first date.

Steampunk Chopper
Pro: Show those obnoxious crotch-rocket showboats what a real motorcycle looks like.
Con: It might not make it to market.
Pro: Instantly be awesome and the envy of anyone who sees you riding this behemoth.
Con: You wouldn't be able to engage in dangerous activities, like texting and drinking coffee, while driving anymore.

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