Make your own Empire Strikes Back!If you're the kind of guy who sits around wishing he could live the action-filled life of Luke Skywalker or Han Solo, have we got some good news for you! (No, you're not getting laid tonight. You should probably abandon that dream.)

Thanks to JibJab, you can now make and star in your very own (highly abbreviated) version of "The Empire Strikes Back."

And really, what better way is there to celebrate the 30th anniversary of that cinematic masterpiece than to do so right away? Just take some pictures of yourself and your friends (or just yourself if you want to hog all the glory), upload them, re-size the heads, outline the mouths, et voilà! A whole new movie starring you.

Or you could just do like we did and insert a bunch of pictures of tubcats from Flickr. Come on, it's "Empire" -- there's no way to make it suck. Although we should probably note that the dimensions of Lando's face don't really correspond to a cat's, so it's kind of a waste of a totally amazing mustache.

Consider yourself warned.