Ariane Brodier, France

Magnifique! Superbe femme... avec classe et glamour. Sorry, both our French and concentration suffer when half-watching Brodier's YouTube videos and half-paying attention to whatweertyping. It was a close race between posting the above video and this photo of Brodier and a motorcycle for FHM France. Why choose when you can have it all?

Julie Reinger, BBC, U.K.
Look into her eyes -- she loves you. This weather girl, often described on the Internet as the ultimate "girl next door," makes us want to move to her neighborhood in the United Kingdom, despite its bloody awful weather. And we once got out of a relationship by refusing to go to the Bahamas for a weekend because it was "too cold there," so you know this is true love.

Eleonora Pedron, Italy

Before you get all excited and book a flight to Europe, Miss Italy 2002 does not always perform the weather reports in this fashion. In fact, she isn't much known for weather or reportage at all. Pedron was the subject of much controversy in September 2003 when Prime Minister Silvio "Bill Clinton's Got Nothing on My Power-Trippin' Sex Life" Berlusconi announced that she would do the nightly weather reports on his television station, despite the fact that she had no prior experience ... other than being smokin' hot. (We must warn you that this photo of her is very not safe for work, mainly because you will emit a cry of despair when you see it.)

Maya Kobayashi, Japan
This girl is an actress and no longer a weather girl, but maybe this post will encourage her to get back to where she belongs first achieved her fame. (By the way, the news that she was leaving that gig crashed her website, as it often does whenever she so much as sneezes in public.)

Honorable Mentions:
Cecily Tynan, Elise Finch (a longtime favorite of Asylum readers), some Romanian chick, and Erica Grow, who is currently unemployed, it seems.