Years from now, when we've left the planet due to global warming, researchers who comb the wreckage of the world will be more likely to find evidence of Walter Cronkite and Tom Brokaw than Victoria Sinclair.

But for our money, Sinclair, in her role as anchor of "Naked News," has done far more for the world than those crusty old dinosaurs of broadcast journalism.

That's because for the last 10 years, "Naked News" has provided viewers with not just hard-hitting stories from across the globe, but also a good deal of bare flesh from female -- and more recently male -- anchors who just can't seem to keep their clothes on.

It's a global empire that covers the Internet, television and mobile devices. And as the news juggernaut approaches its 10th anniversary, it looks to keep on growing.

Conceived back in 1998, "Naked News" (part of Toronto's Naked Broadcasting Network Inc.) began its life on the Internet in 2000 as a free site. It garnered instant attention not by a comprehensive ad campaign, but by simple word of mouth. Soon enough, the site began to generate nearly 6 million unique visitors a month.

The aforementioned Victoria Sinclair, the first anchor on "Naked News," remembers those early days and says that the Internet-only program was perfect for that time: "The Internet was growing up and was finally capable of broadcasting audio and video streaming together -- but there was no content.

"What did the Internet audience want? To gather information and look at beautiful women. With this recipe, I was certain 'Naked News' would become a worldwide phenomenon."

And it did. Despite the loss of online advertising after the Internet bubble burst in the early 21st century, "Naked News" was able to retain many visitors through its subscription service. In 2001, they introduced an all-male edition of the show, which is still in operation today. They also expanded into the world of pay-per-view TV and mobile devices. And, despite being seen across the globe already, 'Naked News' decided to start versions of its program for Italian and Japanese audiences.

Of course, none of this would have happened without the corresponding nudity. For Victoria, that was a bit difficult at the beginning.

"The first time I took my clothes off on camera it was surprisingly difficult, like they were stuck to my skin," admitted the 41-year-old Sinclair. "Becoming completely easy in my skin actually took a few years. Now however, I feel blessed to have completely shed inhibitions I never asked for in the first place."

When asked why she has stayed with "Naked News" for so long -- save for a break in 2001 -- Sinclair stated that being an anchor is a very compelling career: "I'm naked, I'm telling my audience relevant stories about the world they live in, and I'm surrounded with creative, unusual and interesting people."

Sounds just like our jobs.