Star Wars pregnancy announcement.This might be one for the record books -- especially if there's a record book of AWESOME out there somewhere. It's a pregnancy announcement so rad, you might even consider "accidentally" forgetting to use a condom.

Jeff Hays is an editor / graphic artist / movie guy, so making a Star Wars video to announce his wife's pregnancy was a perfectly logical step. Considering that he and his wife, Jennifer, were about to give up even trying to have kids, the greatest "last-second heroics" scene ever made the best analogy for their unexpected conception.

It was more a matter of making that analogy than a life-long devotion to Star Wars that inspired him to create the video. Says Jeff, "I just want to clarify that I am more of a 'movie dork' and 'technology geek' in general terms, not specifically tied to only Star Wars. I've always considered myself more of a 'Back to the Future' kind of nerd anyway, you know?"

Fanboy or not, we respect any man who will label the Death Star's thermal exhaust port "Baby Hole" right before Luke Skywalker fires some "kick-ass sperm" into it and explodes the ship into TWINS! What would the "Back to the Future" version of that be? Christopher Lloyd looking startled?

Unfortunately, although his wife kind of likes the original trilogy, she doesn't love it enough to name their children Han and Chewy. Or even Luke and Leia. In fact, being a "rocker dork" (their words), she's more likely to name their kids after members of KISS or Metallica.

So, it seems the saga ends here. Unless 20 years later they suddenly have more kids laden with bad CGI, and, for some reason, Samuel L. Jackson is there.