Tatiata Kozhevnikova is "a master instructor of group and individual fitness-aerobics programs, as well as a remedial gymnastics specialist [in] intimate gymnastics." That is a family-friendly way of saying, "Dude, she has a YouTube channel dedicated to doing exercises for your privates!"

You may recall Ms. Kozhevnikova (say that one time fast) from her headline-making, record-breaking entry into pop culture when she lifted 30 lbs -- with her vagina.

"Intimate gymnastics" is a real training program from Tatyana (or Tatiana, as it's sometimes spelled), who says she can have you walking around with "ideal buttocks" in five days.

Ms. K reminds us that this training should be used only for "empowerment, promotion of unity amongst families and health and wellness amongst women." Try it out at one of her upcoming 15 tour stops across the U.S. and let us know how that works out for you.

Keep reading to watch a sample of her work.