Last year, the Donald Trump–led Miss USA pageant was a national disgrace. Universally reviled contestant Carrie Prejean, 2009's Miss California (until she was stripped of her title), made controversial remarks about gay marriage and was soon after brought down by accusations of a sex tape and a series of leaked "topless" photos.

So, how does an operation that banned girls with a history of pornography -- yet paid for Prejean's breast implants -- recover? Why, with some raunchy lingerie photos of its 2010 contestants, obviously.

The reaction in the press is pretty unanimous so far: Aren't you people supposed to be pretending this is a serious "pageant," complete with "hot-button topic" questions about current events, world peace and what to do with all these dinosaur corpses?

Luckily for us, NBC and pageant officials aren't taking down the snaps, which feature every single contestant photographed in black and white. And yes, folks, they're all single!

Keep reading for a selection of the ladies we'd stuff a ballot box on behalf of.

Ashley Bickford, Miss Connecticut
Some of us grew up in Connecticut, so we feel it's our duty to warn you: There's no one there that looks half as hot as Ms. Bickford. In fact, we're pretty sure this contestant was created in Donald Trump's lair and that she's a robot capable of inhuman feats of sexual prowess. But just remember -- we saw her first.
Kelsey Moore, Miss Texas
You know the cliché: Everything's bigger in Texas. That certainly applies to hair, boobs and our boners, thanks to Ms. Moore. She definitely wins the 2010 Miss USA Sex Appeal competition -- which we just made up.

Tracy Turnure, Miss Washington
Ms. Turnure's shot is the closest the contest comes to offering us porn this year. That's not to say she's a Carrie Prejean in the making. On the contrary, she's the younger sister of 2009's Miss Washington, making the siblings one of the most wholesome and least-controversial duos in the nation. "I think we're both going to go big places and be so supportive of one another," says her sister Tara, to the general "awwww-ing" of the media. Of course, our mouths are too busy hanging open at the idea of these fraternal twins doing a Maxim shoot together ... or maybe even one for Asylum.
Morgan Elizabeth Woolard, Miss Oklahoma
Remember Woolard? She's the girl whom you thought was the foxiest thing in high school and the one you assumed would balloon up, have five kids and skin like Mickey Rourke's by your 10th reunion. Well, she didn't. Damn you, America.

Sarah Temple, Miss Alaska
This Alaska-based beauty queen is one of probably 18 women who actually live in that state -- and she should make you forget all about that other beauty queen from Alaska. Just don't ask her what she thinks about politics, OK? She's from Alaska -- let's not go through that whole thing again.