Prahlad Jani breatharianLast month, we brought you the story of Prahlad Jani, an Indian holy man and "breatharian" who claimed he hadn't eaten food or consumed any liquid in 70 years.

It is a highly unlikely tale, the kind that sometimes seeps out of the less-traveled parts of distant lands and is quickly debunked once exposed to the scientific methods of the modern world.

But, Jiminy Crickets, this tale may be true!

For the past two weeks, a team of Indian medics kept the 83-year-old Jani under constant surveillance via closed-circuit TV. They never once witnessed him eat or drink -- or, consequently, go to the bathroom.

Scans of Jani's brain and organs showed that they all functioned normally throughout the observation period. Now researchers want to figure out just how Jani gets by on zero calories per day.

Let's say there was a magic pill you could take that would allow you to never have to eat or drink again. Would that be something you'd be interested in?

Read on for our perspective on this question.

Would you want to live your life never eating, drinking or pooing?
Yup -- think of all the money and time you'd save368 (31.0%)
Nope -- eating, drinking and pooing are three of life's pleasures818 (69.0%)

I'm all for the ultimate diet (of having no diet)

* You'll never again have to worry about crapping your pants during a particularly weighty fart. In fact, you'd probably never fart.

* With all the time and money you will save not eating, you will be able to fulfill every man's dream of becoming North America's foremost alpaca farmer.

* You know when you're trying to seem cool by proclaiming "'The Wire' is the greatest TV show ever"? And invariably some hipster one-ups you by dismissively saying, "I don't even have a television." Well, now when that hipster brags about how he found the best Korean pork bellies in a little stand over on so-so street, you can pwn him by saying, "I don't even have to eat."

Keep me signed up for life's buffet.

* Bacon. Chocolate ice cream. French fries. A greasy slice of pepperoni pizza. (Should we keep going?)

* Taking a trip the bathroom and grabbing a meal or snack are both underrated excuses to politely remove yourself from an unbearable situation.

* Also underrated: That fresh, light-on-your-feet feeling you get after you take your morning dump.