Poster Boy sentenced to 11 months in jailEither his hemorrhoids were flaring up, or those rumors about his vindictiveness are true, but a mean Brooklyn judge sentenced Poster Boy to 11 months in jail on Monday.

Poster Boy was promptly thrown in jail when he showed up for court one day late (he supposedly "got the dates mixed up") by Justice Michael Gary, a man with a reputation for being vindictive.

Some people are wondering if this harsh sentence is due to the fact that he lost face in the news when Poster Boy (real name Henry Matyjewicz) went out after receiving a no-jail plea deal and cut up some more subway advertisement to make "art."

Gary was reportedly less-than-pleased that a warning about good behavior had been left out of his deal, and the idea is that he took the opportunity provided by the missed court date to punish him for his bad behavior. Obviously, an appeal will be filed, but until then maybe Poster Boy should work on giving his collage skills some practical applications, like shivving.