A man who claimed to be a "yo-yo master" conned his way onto five TV shows where he performed such "tricks" as hitting himself in the face. Hard.

Going by the names of Kenny Strasse, Kenny Strasser and K-Strass, the prankster contacted various TV stations telling them of his amazing yo-yo ability. Emails from his "agent" said Kenny was an award-winning yo-yo swinger who worked with a non-profit organization, ZimZam Yo-Yo, to dazzle children with his skills.

But when he appeared on live TV, his ability didn't quite live up to expectations. Much to the embarrassment of presenters, Kenny repeatedly failed to perform the most basic of tricks.

During one appearance -- wearing his trademark yellow baseball cap and braces -- Kenny simply swung a couple of yo-yos around his head until the strings got tangled.

On another he said he couldn't perform because he had forgotten his strings. But our favorite was when he bashed a yo-yo on the floor before stopping to answer his phone mid-interview.

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