Required viewing from the week in DVD and Blu-ray.

The Karate KidNow that "The Karate Kid" is on Blu-ray, we can finally experience the scheming Cobra Kai in gleaming HD. (The mighty blond mane of Zabka has never looked so good.)

Are you the ultimate "Karate Kid" fan? Tell us why it's the greatest movie of the '80s -- the best movie decade of all time -- and be entered to win a copy of the two-disc Blu-ray collector's edition of "The Karate Kid I & II." (Hurry, time is running out!)

And, while you're at it, why not check out Asylum's chat with Daniel-san himself, Ralph Macchio? But, please, stretch out a little before attempting the Crane Kick. We don't want you to pull a muscle or anything.

Also in stores this week:
-- Relive the glory days of "music television" with the unparalleled snarkiness of "Daria: The Complete Animated Series," which is finally on DVD. Considering that MTV is now the home of the brain-dead rich kid, it's amazing that they ever showed such a smart, witty series about high school life.
-- A double feature of the action/horror flicks "Legion" and "Daybreakers" could make for a fun drinking game: Chug every time a veteran actor (Willem Dafoe in "Daybreakers"; Dennis Quaid in "Legion") spouts an incredibly hokey line of dialogue. [Note: this game may result in alcohol poisoning.]
-- Get ready for "Toy Story 3" with the new special editions of "Toy Story" and the vastly superior "Toy Story 2." Hear that, "Toy Story 3"? You've got some big plastic shoes to fill.