Alec Baldwin droppin' truth bombsWell, their job prospects might be pretty grim, but at least this year's graduating class at NYU got to listen to life lessons handed down by Alec Baldwin. That sort of makes it OK ... right?

Expecting a hilarious speech riddled with wit and brilliant jokes, and fearing a "Glengarry Glen Ross"–type brass-balls tirade, graduates were instead treated to a pretty normal "You're graduating, TA-DA!" speech.

Baldwin didn't pull out "Oh, the Places You'll Go" or anything, but he did recommend "treating loved ones gently" and sharing "the best of who you are with the next generation." Graduates sitting out in the rain probably felt like they had just watched "It's Complicated" -- by all means it should have been awesome, but somebody let Nancy Myers get her hands all over the thing. You know?

As they step forth into the world or whatever it is college graduates do, they can rest assured, that while there's little to no chance they'll be getting a job anytime soon, at least they got to hear a speech from that dude from "The Juror."