Christina HendricksReaders shared our outrage at the glaring omissions from Maxim's just-released Hot 100 list. Apparently the only requirement for making the list is appearing in Maxim at some point during the previous calendar year, which explains why we haven't heard of half of these women.

Several readers were shocked -- as were we -- that a list ostensibly directed toward men could leave out the amazing Christina Hendricks. Come on, Maxim. Don't make us link to more jaw-dropping photos.

Zimm wrote, "I did a spit take when i realized [Christina Hendricks] wasn't on this."

Jmflynny said that while Kelly Ripa (#94) is "a doll ... [i]t simply isn't conceivable that [Hendricks] was left out of the discussion and is utterly implausible that at least one man didn't fight like hell to have her included."

Hammhen was equally stunned that gorgeous star of "Slumdog Millionaire" was MIA: "The absolutely biggest oversight? Freida Pinto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Alyssa took issue with the inclusion of a couple of randy pop starlets, writing, "I'm SO glad to see I'm not the only one who hates Kesha!! Seriously, her music has got to be some of the worst (and definitely the most annoying) I've ever heard. And yet, everybody else seems to love her. Go away, already! I would also boot Katy Perry ... she's good-looking, but her music is almost as bad. Replace her with someone who can sing. Anybody."

Dominick03 questioned the no-doubt highly scientific methods for compiling the Hot 100 list: "What is your criteria for this list? Kim Kardashian? Please...Who is next? Snooki? ... I cannot believe that Gemma Arterton did not make the list. Come on, Bond Girl, Titan Girl and a Prince's Girl."