There's something quite cute and life-affirming about "trainspotters," as the Brits refer to railroad enthusiasts. There's nothing cute or life-affirming about seeing a trainspotter being hit by the 2.45 p.m. Cambridge express.

Fear not -- that has not happened, but only thanks to a few inches of space. The following footage captures the moment a train lover stood perilously close to the tracks in order to film the arrival of the Oliver Cromwell, an old steam engine train at Thurston Station in the U.K.

So encapsulated was he by the restored locomotive that he failed to spot the speeding train coming in the other direction. A concerned bystander tries to get the man's attention but it's too late, the powerful train brushes past him, sending him staggering away from the tracks.

It's only once the train has passed that the dopey rail fan gazes down the camera lens with that "I almost died" look.

Close calls don't get much closer and our guess is that his dinner that day had never tasted so sweet. Keep reading for footage.