If you're craving a ham and cheese on a toasted bun or a steak burger with a side of fries, today would be the perfect day to request one.

That's because it's "National Women Bringing YOU Sandwiches Day," a global event with over 50,000 confirmed guests that encourages women across the world to serve others their favorite hoagie.

The premise is simple: Find a woman, ask for a sandwich (saying please helps) and then sit back and devour said sandwich.

As for the location, "everywhere there's a kitchen available" is good enough.

The Facebook event stems from the group "Women Bringing You Sandwiches," which technically promotes women bringing you sandwiches 365 days of the year.

Its 230,000-plus fans offer gems like this on a consistent basis: "I love women and sandwiches! I wish people will just see the love of these two wonderful and powerful symbols."

Well said, Kristoffer of California, well said.