mini cannonThere's nothing to boost your confidence level like carrying around some real firepower in your pocket in the form of miniature weapons (which are always to be used responsibly, of course.)

After all, you can conceal them without much difficulty, making them the perfect way to sneak attack your co-workers.

From tiny trebuchets to a cannon small enough to destroy an ant farm with utmost precision, here are some of our favorite dinky-size weapons.

Mini Cannon
This wee cannon is actually pretty impressive. And though it's not available for sale, it does shoot steel balls with impressive power.

Mini Hand Gun
One thing's for sure about this super-small hand gun: It's way more powerful than its size implies. This verifies the fact that it's not the size that matters -- it's how the equipment works.

Mini Machine Gun
Don't let the cuteness of this petite weapon fool you. A machine gun in any size is one scary-ass weapon.

Mini Crossbow

This mini, foldable crossbow is one of the tiniest you'll probably ever encounter. In fact, it only measures in at about 2 inches -- about the size of your thumb.

Mini Switchblade
A switch blade of this size may be better suited as a toothpick, but imagine the damage it could do in a leprechaun battle.

Mini Trebuchet
There's something inherently spectacular about medieval armaments. This scaled down version of the trebuchet is about 1/40th the size of a normal one and does not disappoint.

Mini Bow and Arrow
One of the best parts about this dwarf-size bow and arrow is that you can make it yourself without much money or trouble. Although it's better suited for a smurf, it still allows for indoor target practice.

Mini Flame Thrower
The guy who made this video is an undeniable goober, but we won't count it against him. How could we? He makes a mean mini flame thrower worthy for any itty-bitty battle.