Ashton Kutcher and his 4,888,964 Twitter followers will be treated soon (figuratively, not by us) to "Killers," a spy film co-starring the lovely Katherine Heigl.

Unbeknownst to Jen (Heigl), her husband Spencer (Kutcher) is a government-hired assassin who becomes the target of a big hit, and Heigl is forced to wield a gun to help defend him.

"Killers" jogged our domes about the spy-couple trope and real-life spies, and so we present you with this roundup of the most reckless spy couples, in real life and cinema.

To clarify, we've narrowed reckless here not to mean carelessness or lacking caution, but boldness and disregard for grave consequences (i.e., risk of imprisonment and fatalities). This compilation will absolutely not include the 2005 remake of "Fun With Dick and Jane" with Jim Carrey, the biggest waste of $8.75 and 90 minutes in the past decade (not bitter).

5. John Smith & Jane Smith -- "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"
It should have been a clue to each other -- both calculating, trained assassins -- that their spouse was highly athletic, kind of secretive, and had a plain-vanilla name. Oh yeah, it was a movie. There were a ton of explosions and lots of gunfire and eventually they were both ordered to kill the other.

Maybe the most dangerous element of this film was the sight of Angelina Jolie's legs in that black dress, which made men out of thousands of teenage boys.

4. Walter Kendall Myers and Gwendolyn Myers
The 72-year-old former State Department and his wife were charged for wire fraud and acting as spies for the Cuban government (and later pled guilty). They carried this on for not one, not two, but nearly three decades. That's reckless.

3. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable -- "Kim Possible"

Not only is Kim a superhero (with little help from her ill-equipped boyfriend, Ron), but she's a high school student involved in extracurricular activities, like cheerleading. In high school we were awkward and didn't fight crime.

2. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

No, it really doesn't get much more reckless than American communists revealing secrets about the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union, but we figured you stopped taking us seriously at "Kim Possible." The couple were civilians, convicted of treason and executed in 1953.

1. Austin Powers and Vanessa Kensington -- "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery"

With a nod to Beyoncé and a half-nod to Heather Graham, Powers did the act best with Vanessa (Elizabeth Hurley) at his side. Powers froze himself for the sake of humanity and didn't spare any gunfire or dumb joke, and he captured our hearts in the process.