It looked something like a giant, demonic jacuzzi.

One man captured the moment a huge hail storm battered Oklahoma, turning his swimming pool into possibly the least pleasant hot tub on the planet.

Vast swaths of northwestern Oklahoma were hit by the twister, including Oklahoma City, as ice hunks the size of tennis balls rained down.

The hail was so fierce that it damaged two ambulance units, one fire truck and 34 police vehicles. The 60-mph winds took down power lines, smashed windshields and cracked car exteriors.

As many as 21 people needed hospital treatment, with at least one cross-country runner being seriously pummeled.

Ironically, a farm where scenes from the movie "Twister" had been shot was damaged. The owner said he lost two houses, five barns, two silos, a horse and farm equipment.

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Meanwhile, one man kisses goodbye to his car, on camera.