Finally, we've come across a website that has it all: scantily clad ladies, balloons and cigarettes. It's called, appropriately: Smoke and Balloons (NSFW). (Although "Smoke and Balloons and Possibly Pornography" would be a more comprehensive title.)

The site promises a slew of "smoking hot balloon pictures" and videos "featuring wanton hotties playing with their fully inflated latex balloons while they enjoy a relaxing cigarette."

The video descriptions are even more suggestive: "Matty puckers her sexy red painted lips around the tip of the slender smoke ... The force of her breath sends a thick cloud of smoke out in front of her, only to pool around and then scatter from her huge green jeweltone. Soon her naked ass is being enveloped by the pink tightly inflated vinyl chair as she plays with her airship, a thick yellow Tilly and more!"

Kind of reminds us of this Internet gem from way back in 2008: Slow Teasing Smoking Balloon Popper, which we're pretty sure is a euphemism for something beyond our understanding.

Keep reading to see a (SFW) video demonstration and answer the eternal question: Is it porn?

Is Smoke and Balloons porn?
Yes -- anything with boobs, even this, is porny157 (22.4%)
No -- you've got to do more than smoke and molest balloons to be considered porn543 (77.6%)